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Global Trust and Corporate Service Provider

Large Scale Acquisition and Change Programme Management

Knadel is a trusted advisor and partner of many Channel Island leading trust companies. Its extensive experience coupled with expert consultancy skills and industry knowledge, allows Knadel to create flexible solutions specifically tailored to the needs and issues of its clients.

Following successful management buy-outs our client, a Global Trust and Corporate Service provider, had undergone significant development, both in terms of organic growth and acquisition. Knadel were engaged to provide advice and support through these major changes.

Business Challenge

Our client’s strong roadmap for growth by acquisition meant that several integration delivery projects were running simultaneously across various jurisdictions, each at different stages of completion. This required coordination alongside the business wide strategic projects.

Although programme and project governance had been established within the Change Portfolio delivery team -  to meet the acquisition projects delivery quality and deadlines, a more disciplined, dedicated approach was required, that could also strengthen the expertise within the teams.

With multiple data migration requirements and legacy data quality issues, detailed technical solutions were required to achieve the timely and accurate migrations with minimum business disruption.

Solution Approach

Knadel were engaged mid-way through a Channel Islands integration programme, consisting of 3 acquisitions, 6 data migrations from 3 different platforms, and the related business process changes. Knadel provided an experienced Project Delivery consultant to:

  • Undertake a review and re-plan of key milestones and resources
  • Obtain stakeholder and vendor support for the plan
  • Simplify and reinforce project governance and communication
  • Enable visibility of the project for all key stakeholders
  • Methodically manage the data migration planning and execution – producing clear requirements and technical specifications that underwent team walk-through’s to avoid misinterpretation of desired solutions

The scope of this work covered programme management, project management and business analysis.

Knadel Value

Bringing existing expertise of large scale acquisition and change programme management – Knadel used strong programme governance to engage the teams across multiple jurisdictions. Realistic, achievable project milestones were agreed and communicated effectively.

Using established project governance practices Knadel strengthened the skills within the existing teams, helping to build a ‘blueprint’ for future acquisitions.

Knadel leveraged their strong working relationships with the key technology vendors to bring real collaboration between all parties and improve project planning across the system changes and data migrations.

Outcome and Business Benefit 

The programme of data migrations was delivered on time and below budget.

Within 7 months, the team achieved 6 data migrations across 3 platforms and jurisdictions, with minimal issues and no downtime for client servicing.

Legacy data quality issues were resolved by building an interface as part of the migration strategy. This interface delivered automatic reconciliation of transactions, enhancing the client accounting business process and significantly reducing post migration issues.

Knadel embedded project lifecycle standards for project initiation, planning, execution, and evaluation – leaving our client with reusable tools for future projects.