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Proposition Targeting for UK Wealth Market

New Access group is a leader in the banking software industry, focussed on the wealth management market specialising in relationship management, asset and advisory management, electronic document management, and client reporting. As of today, New Access employs close to one hundred people and its solutions are installed in more than 150 sites in twenty countries.

Business Challenge

New Access has been successful in selling and implementing its products in Switzerland and mainland Europe and has identified opportunities for further business expansion within UK. 

New Access approached Knadel to help build its knowledge of the UK Wealth Management market, and to ensure that their offering was relevant and applicable to the particular requirements of firm’s operating in the UK.

Solution Approach

The Knadel approach assisted New Access in the three key areas:

UK Market Familiarisation - Presenting market research & Knadel views on future trends covering:

  • Sizing and segmenting the UK Wealth Management market; detailing how the requirements of the participants in each segment compare.
  • Key changes, drivers and market needs for the UK market over the next few years and the likely impact upon participants.

Product Assessment - Undertaking a high-level gap analysis of New Access products against the requirements of the UK Wealth market:

  • Identifying gaps, features and/or competitive advantages of the offering
  • Rating the impact of any gaps

Product Alignment – Working the New Access Executive:

  • Identifying key areas where New Access will add value by market segment
  • Agreeing segments for main focus and the value proposition
  • Agreeing priorities for development

Knadel Value

Knadel has a practice dedicated to the UK Wealth Market, with a detailed understanding of the various service provider propositions, technology platforms and services available in the market, offering particular value to New Access in the form of:

  • „ Current research on systems providers to Wealth Managers
  • „ A strong network of relationships across the industry against which to validate and support the findings of the review
  • „ Experience in business operating model design, system selection and implementation, in addition to the knowledge of the market participants’ models and the trends affecting change

Outcome and Business Benefit

Through workshops and the final report, Knadel provided New Access with the detailed background to the UK market, helping shape their business case for market entry, identify their value proposition, and prioritising application development requirements.

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