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Case Studies

Institutional Asset Manager

IT Strategy and Roadmap

In 2013 a multi-regional asset manager commissioned Knadel to review its IT strategy and associated operations to set its forward strategy in support of projected global business growth. The client had projected business growth across its operational centres in London, Hong Kong and Japan and the IT strategy had to account for each of these.

Business Challenge

The team was asked to evaluate the complexity, efficiency and scalability of the current systems architecture and the impact of these on projected business growth.  The client asked Knadel to developed options for the target architecture which would address key issues and constraints as well as defining an approach and plan to deliver the selected architecture. 

In addition to catering for business change the team were asked to look at simplifying and de-risking the architecture, future-proofing against technology change and delivering a value-for-money design.

Solution Approach

To determine the applicability of the architecture Knadel first projected forward the required capability based upon the business strategy and the expected changes in the operating model. By mapping the current architecture to the operating model the team were able to assess the constraints, risks and impact of current issues on the effectiveness of the IT architecture to support the stated strategy. A series of financial models were created to project the support and maintenance of the existing model. To ensure the most appropriate architecture and operating model the in-flight project list was also factored into the projections. 

To complement the projections peer analysis and reference to the information in Knadel's knowledge base was used to inform architectural differences. The analysis revealed a series of points in the architecture that would constrain the business strategy. 

Using Knadel's combined experience of asset management IT architectures and sourcing solutions from Knadel's knowledge base complemented by peer solutions, and vendor contact on the client's (anonymous) behalf the team were able to propose a series of costed options, each with strengths and weaknesses. These were reviewed the client senior IT managers and working with the client's business management a series of preferred solutions were identified. These were laid out into a series of potential, costed roadmaps which highlighted the business benefit versus cost profile of each approach. 

Knadel Value

  1. Detailed understanding of asset management IT systems and architectures.
  2. A full knowledge base of reference architectures, options and their benefits.
  3. Good relations with and access to solution vendors.
  4. Ability to determine operating and business model impact on IT architectures. 
  5. Experience of practical implementation timeframes and costs in preparing business cases and strategy roadmaps.


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