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Stuart Richford

Stuart is a founding Director of Knadel Jersey. He has extensive experience across Trust Administration, Fund Administration, Banking, Treasury and Custody Services providing valued advice on operating model design, process re-engineering and leading delivery programmes across multiple Jurisdictions.

Having undertaken a wide range of operational roles during the early stages of his career, Stuart brings both an intellectual capability to deal with complex, conceptual challenges combined with a thoughtful, practical approach to delivery that comes from his insight regarding the realities of life ‘at the coal face’. Stuart has a reputation for implementing well designed, effective, operating solutions that meet both client service and risk management requirements.

Stuart became a management consultant in 2007 having spent 15 years in industry for businesses such as Deutsche Bank, ABN AMRO and Close Group. His career has provided him with extensive International-experience plus exposure to a wide range of technologies, solutions and environments.

Stuart has provided strategic advice to a wide range of offshore practices with a particular emphasis on the effective design of operations and the deployment of appropriate systems. Related to this, Stuart has undertaken many cross-jurisdiction business migrations resulting from acquisitions, outsource initiatives or restructuring engagements.

When not working or spending time with his young family, Stuart is a keen coastal rower and will commonly be seen working his way across the picturesque bays of Jersey’s south coast in training for the gruelling Sark-to-Jersey, Jersey-to-Carteret and round-Jersey challenges.

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I believe that there’s always a better way for a business to effectively meet the needs of its customers whilst simultaneously balancing the financial imperative for a competitive cost structure. Of particular importance in the current business environment, we must ensure that investment is focussed to the areas of most importance and strip out those practices which do not produce business or customer value. In the words of Peter Drucker, ‘there is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all’.

Stuart Richford