We work with Hedge Funds, Funds-of-Hedge-Funds and boutique investment management firms, providing our full range of services but tailored with a specific focus on exotic asset classes and investment models.

We know that there are differences between the operating and business models of institutional investment managers and those of smaller hedge funds and other specialist investment management firms; and that these differences are important. We have helped firms including numerous start-ups; established firms that are embarking on the next phase of growth as well as truly global players looking to take advantages of more institutional-type market services.

Specialist Alternatives

We understand the nuances of alternatives investment accounting, valuations and timescales as well as the fund structures that are employed in this market. We know how these impact operating models and systems, as well as the controls that are required to reduce operational risk. 

Our Clients

Our client list includes hedge funds, funds-of-hedge funds, specialist investment managers and we have developed a number of operating models with various combinations of outsourced services, systems (both in-house deployed and hosted solutions) and in-house functions. We have designed and implemented operating models for start-up firms who require a full operating model  from scratch as well as migrated those who would like to move to the next level of their corporate evolution. 

  • Hedge Funds
  • Funds-of-Hedge Funds (FoHF)
  • Multi-manager 
  • Property 
  • Private Equity
  • Shari'ah Funds

Our Approach

We appreciate the differences in working and cultural styles of boutique asset managers and ensure that our processes and engagement models match these whilst still maintaining the rigour and content required to meet our client's needs.

It is our experience that this market has a more agile adoption of new technologies and we maintain an active interest in solutions that meet this market. We take a pragmatic approach to meeting requirements and have, on occasion, recommended and implemented stop-gap solutions as a prelude to strategic solutions where this makes business and economic sense. 


Dear CEO - Knadel's view on risk mitigation

Key factors that should be considered to ensure that the regulator's concerns - and in fact good business practice - are satisfied.