Since inception Knadel has focused on the development of core service lines that allow us to provide our clients with established and proven solutions.

Knadel is a dynamic company that provides management consultancy services to a wide range of investment-focused companies including investment managers, software vendors and service providers.

The development of our service lines are based on the successful completion of assignments with our clients. We commence our assignments with a base service proposition that includes tools, methodologies, knowledge and experience that we can then tailor to meet the exact requirements of our individual clients.

Our Services

The team at Knadel has been developed with a blend of specialist subject matter expertise and experienced consulting skills. This allows us to bring both content and process to any client engagement. By developing these core competencies Knadel has identified and created a number of key areas of expertise, which we utilize when we work with our clients. This approach enables us to deliver solutions better, faster and more efficiently.