Client Servicing


Client Servicing

In an increasingly competitive and changing landscape how do you deliver services cost effectively, growing margins from clients when resources are limited?
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Answering these questions requires a clear understanding of some business fundamentals:

  • Who is the client?
  • What do they need and importantly what do they value?
  • Which clients generate the profilts and which don't?
  • Which clients receive which services and who decides?
  • How much do these services cost to provide?

How Knadel can help

Knadel can help you answer these questions and in so doing help you:

  • Develop an appropriate client segmentation strategy, with practical qualitative and quantitative measures for allocating clients to segments
  • Understand the needs of each client segment and what services each segment values from you
  • Which segments and clients are profitable and therefore where should you focus your limited resources
  • Develop appropriate service models and marry the right services to the right segments (with lower margin clients generally receiving a lower touch standardised service offering)
  • Identify the cost of each service model and initiatives to reduce these costs over time where appropriate

A Knadel assignment to develop the above usually involves:

  • A detailed analysis of your existing client base, using agreed allocation methods to determine client profitability
  • Conducting a survey across a representative sample of your client base to determine key needs and values. Then combining these results with our own experience and knowledge
  • Comparing your existing service offerings to that of your competition
  • Designing and proposing to you an appropriate and pragmatic client segmentation strategy. Together with the criteria for segmenting future clients and governance for maintaining this approach
  • Proposing to you changes to your existing service models and how they are allocated to client segments so as to enhance client profitability across each segment and ensure limited resources are allocated effectively for maximum value
  • Proposing to you initiatives to reduce the cost of your service delivery¬†