Distribution Strategy


Distribution Strategy

Distribution is the lifeblood of any business; the available models and channels are changing – and every business needs a strategy to address, prioritise and maximise these opportunities.

 The investments marketplace is increasingly complex; the UK domestic market is subject to significant change and the opportunities offered by new geographies are opening all the time; new competitors emerge; new distribution channels are set up, grow and begin to attract significant flows; new pricing models are required to comply in the market; businesses shut down or exit elements of their proposition; potential partnership models can be imagined….

Against this backdrop, it is critical for every business to be clear what are the chosen distribution channels, and why these are appropriate for the future success of the business.

Current strategy needs regular review and challenge in the light of changed market circumstances, to confirm the relevance and effectiveness for the next period.

This regular review should be informed by up to date information on competitors, markets, channels and opportunities generally – with as wide a perspective as possible.

Strategic decisions around distribution models should be considered in the context of the current business model; change could be attractive, but expensive and difficult to implement – would a partner facilitate the change, and are there such potential partners?

How Knadel can help

Knadel has a detailed understanding of the existing UK / Off-shore markets, distribution models and channels through working in and with the industry over many years.  In addition, we have extensive links to and contacts with partners in Europe and in Asia / Pacific who can support analysis and provide global input.

We have worked with retail, institutional and wealth businesses to develop, challenge and improve strategic distribution models; in so doing we have underpinned the decisions taken with appropriate process and documentation, ensuring a sound foundation for these decisions and enabling any later review and audit.

Working with Knadel will give your business access to experienced industry practitioners who are able to inject knowledge, challenge and breadth of vision to your process.  Our understanding of local, regional and global models and change drivers will support or lead your analysis and deliver the best results for your business.

Value Knadel can bring

 Market knowledge

  • Provide market knowledge and trends from the UK, Europe and globally through our network
  • Contribute local and global channel knowledge and trends
  • Input external view of existing and potential future local, regional and global distribution models
  • Present views on existing and potential partnership models
  • Challenge internal team thinking and positioning

Operating model / financial implications

  • Contribute knowledge of the operating model required to support different distribution models
  • Assessment of the implications for the business in addressing new distribution models, channels or geographies
  • Development of high-level financial implications
  • Financial model templates and modelling support

Process management

  • Define and manage an efficient and thorough process to develop and test your strategy
  • Ensure internal contributors are fully engaged and their input appropriately evaluated
  • Challenge internal team thinking and positioning
  • Development of strategy templates and structures, based on our experience
  • Engagement of the stakeholder group and facilitation of messaging