Implementing new technologies or operating models is challenging, resource and time consuming – and hence costly. How can firms mitigate such impacts to their bottom line?

Knadel’s expertise in implementing solutions ranging from data architecture, through operating and outsourcing models, to technology applications leverages our knowledge, skills and proven tools to accelerate and streamline implementation delivery and generate consequent business benefits.

With over 75 associates and staff, our team is well versed in the challenges facing the industry and has practical experience in successfully implementing major business operations or technology initiative.

We have helped leading investment firms successfully implement new operating models, outsource solutions, data architectures and system applications.

Knadel's knowledge

The challenge of implementing new business modes

Our practical and pragmatic first hand experience of investment business operations provides a unique perspective of how to successfully implement new or revised models. This ensures full adoption and consequent benefit realisation is achieved in a cost effective and timely manner.

Effective introduction of new technology

With an ever-growing range and complexity of applications, successful integration is increasingly dependent on a full understanding of, and delivery to, user expectation and needs. Knadel’s implementation approach combines both strong technical skills with a fundamental understanding of the business drivers and needs to be satisfied. This ensures that technology implementations are effective, meet the business requirements specified, and are properly adopted so as to realise real business benefits.

Mutually successful implementation of outsourcing

Outsourcing is a complex area, and success can rely on there being convergent goals between two parties. Implementing a new yet shared operating model, data solution and servicing structure across two very different parties, often with divergent goals can be fraught with problems, confusion and delays. 

Knadel’s extensive experience of outsourcing – including second-generation conversions and consolidations – is second to none.  Effective implementation will be delivered by both a successful execution of the migration plan and a successful introduction of future state operating routines.

Implementation Experience

Implementation Experience

We have extensive experience on implementing business, operations and technology solutions; recent examples include:

  • Data architecture solution
  • Second generation middle-office outsourcing
  • CRM application
  • Decision support, trade order management and deal execution system
  • Fund of funds operating model
  • Wealth platform upgrade
  • Derivatives operations model

Knadel’s unique combination of business, operations and technology across the investment industry, together with proven implementation methods and tools, supports clients in maximizing the effectiveness of complex implementation programmes.

Applying Knadel’s Delivery Partnership approach to implementation ensures firms achieve expected outcomes and generate planned benefits in cost effective and streamlined manner.