IT & Enterprise Architecture Strategy


IT & Enterprise Architecture Strategy

Periodically firms need to stand back and gather an independent and unconstrained perspective on their IT strategy, whilst ensuring solutions are pragmatic and follow sound IT and data principles.

IT & Enterprise Architecture Strategy

With increasing complexity and the demand for more for less, IT departments are under more pressure than ever to deliver value quickly, efficiently and effectively, whilst maintaining a strategic direction. Discretionary IT change is routinely being squeezed out of budgets as IT departments are forced to meet regulatory requirements and the demands of new clients in short timeframes.


Few companies have the luxury of a “green field” site, where they can design the perfect architecture from scratch, with no legacy issues and an unlimited budget. This means that developing your strategy is about optimizing what works well, improving what doesn’t work as well as it should and replacing what doesn’t work. For each company this mix will be different.

In order to work out the best strategy for supporting your business you need to understand the basics. The business needs to provide input and buy in to the need and approach, the outcome must be something the business recognizes and wants to collaborate with for a successful outcome.

Powerpoint Architects

We are not ‘PowerPoint’ architects. We focus on IT strategy and enterprise architecture at a level that contains detail on functional capability, data management and how this relates to the overall operating model and processes of the organization. We ensure that the strategy we provide is a useful working strategy that both IT and the business will own and refer to. Conversely we are judicious enough not to focus on irrelevant details. 

Our enterprise and IT architectures cover:

  • Systems and functional architecture
  • Data architecture (mastering and distribution, both functional and temporal)
  • Operating procedures
  • Integration
  • Roadmap and architecture migration strategies

We also consider a businesses capacity for change, budgets, skills and timelines.

We are specialists in the technology and IT strategies employed by Asset Management firms. We understand the commercial systems available, their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and how best to combine and use systems to achieve the business objectives. 

We also have experience of architectures from a wide variety of asset managers; we know what works well and what does not. We also understand the requirements of asset management architectures and the strategies to accommodate a variety of business and operating strategies. 


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