Market Entry Strategy


Market Entry Strategy

In an increasingly competitive world companies are under pressure to show a well-considered approach to their on-going strategy and plans for growth.

A good strategy should be about building upon your existing differentiators, not reinventing them.  One way to do that is by expanding into a new market with an existing proposition – be it a brand new country, or a new client segment within the same location as one of your already established services.

Assessing a new market requires research on the opportunity size; a thorough understanding of the client segmentation and their associated requirements and knowledge of what impact this might have upon your regulatory obligations.  In addition, a new market may involve a whole different set of competitors and knowledge of how these compare may be critical to your decision-making.

How Knadel can help

How Knadel can help

Whilst your in-house knowledge may cover some of the areas you need, Knadel consultants have a breadth of specialist expertise across institutional, wealth and retail segments of the investment market.  We can provide knowledge at the initial stages of your ideas and research, or can independently ratify research and planning that you have already done.

We can help you to evaluate opportunities and, backed with our experience of what makes an implementation successful, we can provide practical advice on the most efficient models and can help you to mitigate risks and manage issues encountered.

We have worked with our clients at various stages of their Market Entry Strategy projects.  In particular we can help you to deliver in the following areas:

Research and Strategy Determination

  • Determine the true differentiators for your company and services
  • Research the Market concerned and size the opportunity
  • Relate the proposition to the competitor landscape

Gap Analysis and Opportunities Assessment

  • Create a gap analysis between market requirements and the existing proposition, aligning the functions and services requirements by client segment; the local and market specific requirements; and regulatory and legal requirements
  • Match your capabilities and differentiators to market segments to determine the most effective ways to target services and the priorities for doing so
  • Develop a business case, including resourcing requirements, corporate structure and detailed financial analysis, covering all aspects of on-going costs for a new market proposition

Target Business Operating Model design

  • Determine the functions that should be centralised, regionalised, local or outsourced; and how these functions interface
  • Design a client service model that is appropriate to the agreed target client segments
  • Determine what roles and resources are required and how these map onto the functional model, including appropriate risk and oversight
  • Determine data management strategy, including primary sources, integrity, constraints on data location and security
  • Determine the most appropriate technology model, using existing applications or identifying where gaps need to be filled, along with access requirements to align with the functional and organisation models

 Implementation planning

  • Determine project resource requirements
  • Estimate timescales, including consideration for regulatory/legal approvals and development requirements to remediate gaps
  • Financial case enhancement, including estimated project costs and assessment of net present value

In addition to helping our clients to both formulate and verify their market entry strategy, Knadel have a vast experience of projects that cover all aspects of implementation that relate to business expansion into new locations or new client segments.