Product Development


Product Development

Product development processes need to deliver to the market at speed whilst ensuring increasing consumer demands and regulatory requirements are met.

Growing your business in a competitive market requires the right set of products and solutions focussed on the needs of your chosen target segment.  Today’s product suite will need regular refreshing to meet changing future client demand, new regulatory requirements or to reflect new corporate capabilities.

A rapid development cycle, to maximise market advantage, must be combined with a robust process to ensure regulatory requirements are met; the challenge is to run a process which responds to these drivers and additionally is able to ensure the various internal teams and stakeholders are adequately involved and committed to the delivery.


How Knadel can help

Knadel can support you develop or deliver a robust and successful product development process; by engaging Knadel you will benefit from our industry and product-specific knowledge underpinned by our strong facilitation and project management skills.

We are able to demonstrate a strong track record of working with our clients on a number of product launch projects. In particular we can help you deliver in the following areas:  

Product development process design

  • Support your process design with relevant templates and tools
  • Ensure the process design reflects the required participation by all relevant stakeholder bodies
  • Apply best practice, pragmatic governance across the process to deliver audit trail and accountability

Product design

  • Robust independent challenge based on our experience and understanding of your  target market, by acting as proxy client.
  • Objective advice based on our practical regulatory knowledge to validate whether your approach appropriately considers the client outcome objectives
  • Corroboration of your assumptions to validate and challenge your internal views
  • Market pricing strategy benchmarking data – to demonstrate how you are positioned compared with your peers and competitors
  • Data and analysis support to improve your product design decisions (for instance to identify suitable client segments)

Product development support

  • Robust project management skills to ensure effective delivery against plans and timely management of risks and issues
  • Excellent stakeholder facilitation and engagement, to ensure that all parties required to contribute or be aware of the process are fully informed and involved
  • Project challenge based on subject matter content knowledge and expertise, helping to ensure the appropriate result

Whether you are seeking to establish a product development framework, or have a specific product development project to deliver, we can help you find a practical, efficient result.