A view from the chair - TSAM 2016


View from The Chair – TSAM 2016

As many of you know I have chaired the Ops and Technology Strategy stream at TSAM a number of times.  Sometimes these types of events can end up being a rehash of the same issues covered time and time again.  Not so with TSAM, it was definitely an interesting and relevant programme of topics and proved to be my favourite TSAM to date.

Of particular interest was an excellent keynote speech on disruptive technology and what we can expect.   Apparently, artificial intelligence is amongst us – not quite ‘Skynet’ yet, but it would seem technology is going to have an even greater influence on our industry.   The big question is where is the technology going to come from? Will it be from one of the giants like Facebook or Google, or emerge from a small start up based in someone’s garage?

Another interesting topical debate was the ‘right’ home for change; IT or Operations? There were certainly strong arguments for both.  How much time should operations budget to support change initiatives, was a further contentious point considered as part of the debate.

We also got into the benefits of Agile development along with the use of the development of prototypes.   I guess these are our tentative steps towards a digital world and how we might approach it.

My overall conclusion is we are seeing a challenging time for IT and Operations, but we are on the cusp of major changes to our world, and it could all get very exciting – watch this space!

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By Paul Miller

Paul is one of the founding Directors of Knadel. Paul has undertaken a number of major assignments covering both operations and IT, leading large multidsiciplined teams comprising of both Knadel and client resources.

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