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Dear (Wealth Manager) CEO …a headache building up?

In December 2012 the FSA wrote to the CEO of major asset management businesses in the UK to warn of over-reliance on outsource service providers.  From a wealth manager perspective, this regulatory initiative, and the work that followed, might seem a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…but this probably is a headache after all.

Maybe it doesn’t feel so bad…

  • Wealth managers are a different proposition:
    • Most are significantly smaller in AUM than the large asset managers originally targeted by the FSA letter;
    • Outsourcing models in our world are simpler than those of global asset management groups, operating in one jurisdiction substantially and with one relationship to manage.

 Actually it still hurts because…

  • FCA expectations are clear:
    • What was sauce for the (institutional) goose is sauce for the (wealth manager) gander – we cannot expect different standards than applied to our institutional cousins;
    • We deal directly with end investor clients; if our business is incapacitated by outsource provider failure we cannot deliver good client outcomes.

 Oh no; the pain seems to be getting worse…

  • Wealth managers generally have not addressed the question in any detail:
    • Responding to the Dear CEO expectations is not difficult, but requesting the service provider Resolution Plan will not be enough;
    • The FCA will be including this topic on the routine agenda for an inspection visit for wealth managers; they risk “disappointment”.

Hand me the painkillers – this feels like a migraine coming on!

By George Kirby

George is a management consultant within the Wealth Management Practice at Knadel. His consulting roles include working with large and smaller wealth managers, private banks and service and software providers.

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