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Don’t throw profit away…

It is not uncommon for 20% of clients to generate 80% of revenue, and well in excess of 100% of the total profit.  The tail can be a real drag on business performance.

Fund manager’s portfolio ranges can be littered with funds that have never gained the scale to be profitable, or have withered to a point that they are subscale.  Such portfolios are likely to be loss making for the manager and to deliver less than optimal results to the investor.

Knowing this and doing something about it can be two very different things.  The results of addressing cluttered portfolio ranges, however, can be a slicker and more profitable business.  We have worked with a number of clients to help them rationalise or develop segments of their business to do just that. 

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By Colin Shapiro

Responsible for Product Development at Knadel, Colin is a consultant with extensive experience gained in both line and consulting roles. He has deep experience of outsourcing, having worked within the outsourcing industry as well as advising clients as a consultant.

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