Our Approach

Why Knadel?

Our Approach

Our approach is collaborative. We work with our clients to help them achieve their goals by building upon their strengths using our knowledge and experience. We always put the client's objectives first and strive to build a long term partnership with our clients.

We understand that our clients know their businesses and that we should leverage this knowledge but that we can provide independent market advise and experience. We work with our clients on multiple levels from joint project teams to joint steering groups to ensure our advice and deliverables are appropriate.

With such a collaborative approach we appreciate that we are making demands on the time of our clients and so endeavour to understand and agree the level of commitment early in the project, typically as part of the proposal process. Being transparent we find we can adjust the timescales and involvement of our clients to suit them.

Customised approach

We have developed a number of standard approaches for delivering our projects, built and refined over numerous engagements. We use these to define and estimate our projects but also ensure that best practice is followed and the quality of our delivery is maintained to the highest standards.

Each different type of project has its own  approach but we understand that no two projects start from the same point, nor have indentical aims and objectives so we customise each approach for every engagement based on our understanding of our client's needs.

Where appropriate we document our approach in our proposal with the aim of establishing what will be done, why and with what outputs. This transparency allows everyone involved in our projects to understand how the engagement will progress, when key deliverables will appear and what they will contain and if necessary adjust it if necessary before the project is started.

We always aim to deliver results early and often so that clients are guaranteed valuable results throughout the project and do not have to wait until the final stages to see a return on their investment. 

The quality, knowledge and style of the people are key to a successful consultancy business. Knadel prides itself in the calibre of its team – both the core advisory team and specialist delivery group. Our group of consultants and associates are led by a management team who have extensive experience in the investment management industry, from a broad range of perspectives.

A key differentiator for clients engaging with Knadel is that our team of consultants and associates have worked together on a range of assignments with the ability to access and leverage our extensive knowledge and methods. This, coupled with oversight and quality assurance from our leadership team gives our clients a comprehensive solution-based service.

For more info on our team please see our Key People pages.

Industry Practioners

Webinar: MiFID II - Do you have a plan?

Working with our alliance partner Cordium, Knadel presents a comprehensive webinar on MiFID II, bringing an integrated approach to the regulation and what it could mean for your business.