Visions and Values

Why Knadel?

Visions and Values

We provide our clients with expert, efficient and cost effective solutions to their business transformation and change challenges. We believe in integrity and honesty and provide our clients with no-nonsense, pragmatic advice and solutions. We are transparent with our clients; we keep them appraised of our approach, progress and all business we conduct on their behalf. We work with our clients to achieve their objectives and provide them with the maximum return on their investment.
Visions and Values

We recognise that our financial services clients have become more sophisticated when commissioning consultants and since 2008 are ever-more cost conscious. Knadel was formed in 2009 with a vision to match the buying model of our clients and ensure that we could deliver both advisory and implementation services at the right price point, whilst maintaining the deep industry experience necessary for a specialist consultancy.

We provide a blend of advisory consultants who build knowledge through market engagement, with delivery associates who bring strength of implementation experience, to ensure that clients benefit from the most cost effective team.

We maintain honest and open relationships with our clients. We aim to provide independent advice that is in their best interest. Where necessary we will provide an opinion and we do not prolong consulting engagements or undertake work that is not necessary. We agree a clear handover strategy and success factors with our clients. 

We prefer to form a long-term partnership with our clients and we have frequently been engaged by the same organisation on multiple occasions, often providing a variety of our services across a number of disciplines. 

We routinely name consultants as part of our proposal process. With every assignment our clients are buying the full support and collective knowledge of Knadel but we also feel it is important that consultants named in our proposals are those that complete the assignment. We do not 'pitch and switch' consultants; we feel it is right that our clients know who they are commissioning and that we will stay the course.

Our estimates are honest. They are backed by detailed analysis and experience of resource requirements and we measure our progress against this. We do not 'land and expand' our consultants or team. It is our aim to provide an accurate resource profile and associated budget for our projects. 

Don't Pitch and Switch

The Knadel team is a unified team. We take time to share knowledge, experiences and lessons learned across our projects. We are supportive of each other and will often collaborate and advise on projects beyond our normal assignments. 

We have a vision of a collegiate consulting firm and pro-actively encourage communications and support. 

We're also a lean company. We don't employ a significant back-office team, rather relying on the same outsourcing and hosted-solution models that we often consult on with our clients. As well as leveraging the latest in technology and services to enable us to collaborate and work more efficiently, this keeps our overheads low allowing us to offer a more cost effective service.

Knadel in the Community

Knadel in the Community

At Knadel we recognise that our community responsibilities reach beyond our employees, clients and partners.  Since inception we are proud to have been a corporate partner of Sense International supporting a number of their fundraising campaigns.  We are currently in our fourth year as the official sponsor of the Sense International website.  Sense International has also been the primary beneficiary from our annual charity Christmas card programme.

Apart from our work with Sense International, Knadel has continued to support a range of other charitable initiatives with financial assistance.  We also support the charitable activities of our staff, clients and partners; most recently participating in The Big Row in aid of The Chauncy Maples Trust. 

Click here for more information on our charity work and support.

Knadel in the Community

Knadel are a proud corporate sponsor of Sense International. Read more about our work with Sense International and various other charitable intiatives.